Radio Free Dwarves Live Album Tracklisting

Limited Edition Colored Vinyl From Punk Rock Legends The Dwarves & Riot Style!

Riot Style is pleased as punch to announce the full tracklisting for the upcoming Dwarves radio live album Radio Free Dwarves! This limited edition vinyl LP will street in mid-april but we are taking preorders now in our online store. Get yours now in Regular or Banned versions! Click through for the full tracklisting after the jump.

This 12 Song mini-album was recorded live in one take for Estonian radio in 2012. It features 10 new and rare recordings performed by the Dwarves including classics, rarities and alternate versions of Dwarves songs! AND two additional Blag-produced acoustic fan tracks, the winners of the Dwarves fan cover contest!

1. You’ll Never Take Us Alive
2. Drugstore
3. Act Like You Know
4. Looking Out For Number One
5. That’s Not My (FEFU)
6. The Dominator
7. Salt Lake City
8. Another Classic
9. Astroboy
10. Like You Want
11. I Will Deny (Acoustic Fan Cover)
12. FEFU (Acoustic Fan Cover)

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