Friday Afternoon: Brule’s Rules

Clearly the best part of Tim and Eric. John C. Reilly felt like ushering you all into the weekend. For your health!

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Nom De Guerre F/W 08 – The World As Will And Idea

Nom De Guerre - Fall - Winter 08

As Promised, here is a look at Nom De Guerre’s upcoming Fall / Winter line. Incorporating a military theme, the collection is comprised of separates spanning outerwear, casual, dress and formal looks.

Click through for select looks from the collection.

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Books: True Norwegian Black Metal

Peter Beste - True Norwegian Black Metal
©2008 Peter Beste. From True Norwegian Black Metal

This past June, Vice Books (the publishing imprint of hipster-Deathstar Vice Magazine) released Peter Beste’s groundbreaking new photo book, True Norwegian Black Metal. A modern day Margaret Mead, Beste spent the better part of the last decade documenting these overgrown Norse larpers. What he brought back will blow you away. How do you say “Come check out my parents’ basement” in Norwegian?

Books Photo Video

Nom De Guerre Fall / Winter ’08 Sneak Peek

Nom De Guerre Fall 2008 Preview

Tomorrow Thursday we’ll be hilighting Nom De Guerre’s look book for Fall / Winter ’08. NDG never fail to deliver sharp cuts and crisp looking styles. Their upcoming line, which draws heavily on an old-school military vibe, is no exception.


L.A. Fakers x Mathmatiks

Meant to post these a week or two ago. Dave got ticketed by po-po trying to slang these things in Boston.

Los Angeles Fakers x Mathmatiks

Emerald green LA Fakers logo on white, Mathmatiks logo on back. Be on the lookout for a feature on our boys in the August issue of COMPLEX.

Los Angeles Fakers, Via: Mathmatiks


Siempre Vive El Stockbauer

There is none other.

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Death Traitors x Bosco: Unholy Alliance

New tag team shirt from local buds Death Traitors and Bosco NYC.

Death Traitors x Bosco NYC

Via Death Traitors.


Type 6 Turntable Ring x Mathmatiks (Gold & Black Diamond)

This bad boy will set you back 20K. There’s a budget version (without the rocks) for all you fakers.

Mathmatiks Type 6 Turntable Ring

Via Mathmatiks

Fashion Jewelry

Street Carnage x SAVED Tattoo

Limited edition line of Street Carnage t-shirts by local BK tattoo shop SAVED.

Street Carnage x Saved Tattoo

Available now via Street Carnage.


KCDC x Neckface x Vans Chukka Low – Ltd. Edition

Check out these Vans that just came out as part of the official KCDC / Vans / Neckface collabo. For those of you that don’t know, KCDC is a local skateshop / clothing store / occasional party space here in Brooklyn. These are totally different than the previous Neckface / Vans that dropped last year.

The shoes are a suede and canvas chukka low, with a 4-color design by Neck Face and the KCDC logo stiched onto the heel. These bad boys are limited to 100 pairs, but we heard rumors there’s only like 85 up for sale.

You can only score these shoes at KCDC. For an extra 10 bucks they’ll throw in a matching KCDC t-shirt.


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