Blag Dahlia (The Dwarves) – Metrosexual Man Tracklisting, Album Art

Blag Dahlia - Metrosexual Man Seven Inch Single - Out Now On Riot Style

In our never ending quest to lower the musical bar, Riot Style is proud to announce we will be releasing a limited edition 4 song 7″, Metrosexual Man from the legendary Fresh Prince of Darkness, Dwarves frontman Blag Dahlia! Electro-power-pop-punk-rock and old-school hip hop from punk rock’s finest MC Blag the Ripper! Featuring performances from producer Eric Valentine and Kevin Cole of the Turbo AC’s. Songs about Metrosexual Men, Paris & Nicole, Sex, Lettuce and Drugs! Featuring

Metrosexual Man by Blag Dahlia (Dwarves) & 2 unreleased tracks featuring MC Blag at his freestyle best! This first pressing of this four song will be limited to 500 copies worldwide on metrosexual-pink colored vinyl w/ third ink labels!

Metrosexual Man will be in stores early 2013, but you can buy it now exclusively in the Riot Style Store right now!

Full tracklist after the jump.

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