Friday Afternoon Fun: Take On Me, Stockbauer!

So, our loyal Admiral Stockbauer flaked at the last minute and the show at The Bell House was left without an MC. Fortunately consummate showman Gibby Haynes stepped up to the plate and introduced the Back CC’s. Thus we must call out our dear old pal, proprietor of the Long Branch Saloon and Scoot Inn in sunny Austin, TX and his Merry Band of Lawyers™.

Take us on, Stockbauer. Take us on.

Stockbauer – Take On Me
Via: YouTube

Music Video

Champagne Breakfast and Caviar Dreams

Stockbauer is coming.

Stockbauer – Champagne Breakfast & Caviar Dreams [Youtube]

Partay Video

Friday Afternoon Fun: Raisin Brahms

Raisin Brahms – Public Arts Education PSA (YouTube)


Friday Afternoon Fun: Lifetime – All Night Long

So we decided to make Friday Afternoon Videos a recurring feature… But it ain’t all Adult Swim and Brule’s Rules my friends.

This week’s gem, culled from the vaults is a rare-ly seen live video I shot for NJ hardcore institution, Lifetime on their 2006 East Coast / Midwest tour with The Bronx.

Lifetime – All Night Long

Jewelry Music Nerd Alert Video

Friday Afternoon: Brule’s Rules

Clearly the best part of Tim and Eric. John C. Reilly felt like ushering you all into the weekend. For your health!

Via: Adult Swim


Books: True Norwegian Black Metal

Peter Beste - True Norwegian Black Metal
©2008 Peter Beste. From True Norwegian Black Metal

This past June, Vice Books (the publishing imprint of hipster-Deathstar Vice Magazine) released Peter Beste’s groundbreaking new photo book, True Norwegian Black Metal. A modern day Margaret Mead, Beste spent the better part of the last decade documenting these overgrown Norse larpers. What he brought back will blow you away. How do you say “Come check out my parents’ basement” in Norwegian?

Books Photography Video

Siempre Vive El Stockbauer

There is none other.

Via Trace.