Dwarves 2016 Silkscreened Tour Posters by Becky Cloonan!

The Dwarves 2016 Pacific North West Tour Poster Becky Cloonan Print Riot Style™
Dwarves 2016 Silkscreened Tour Posters by Becky Cloonan!

We have a VERY limited supply of hand numbered, silkcreened blacklight posters for the Dwarves 2016 Pacific Northwest Tour! These RADICAL 3 color blacklight posters were drawn by the AMAZING, INCOMPARABLE, WORLD FAMOUS comics artist Becky Cloonan! (Umbrella Academy / The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys / Gotham Academy / Batman comic books + more!) Printed with NEON / BLACKLIGHT reflective RED on archival paper, we have Only 100 for sale online!!! Only 200 posters were worldwide! Order yours today in the Riot Style™ Online Store!

US ONLY! NO SHIPPING DISCOUNTS! Please, limit yourselves to 1/2 posters per person. You’re on the honor system ☠️🍆🕶

Dwarves 2016 Pacific Northwest Tour Cities:
Seattle, WA * Portland, OR * Eugene, OR * Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Riot Style™ Online Store!

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