Fucked Up Playing 12 Hour CD Release Show at the Rogan Store on Bowery (w/ Moby?!)

If you don’t know Fucked-Up you better axe someone. They are pretty much the best active hardcore band right now (sorry Municipal Waste & Government Warning). So good no one cares that they’re Canadian and that says something. They sound like Total Chaos, except good and without the liberty spikes and they occasionally rock gear from our boys Death/Traitors.

Hi I’m Damien, This Is Moby

If you’d never met their lead singer Damien you might think he is one mean-ass-sonofabitch but he’s the chewy nougat center of the punk rock universe™. He is basically the punk-rock-dad version of Captain Lou Albano from the Girls Just Want Wanna Have Fun video, minus the hair.

They’re currently in the middle of a 12 hour long set that started at 2:00 PM at the Rogan store on Bowery & Bond (across the street from where CBGB’s used to be). Around 5:30, Moby (yes that Moby) decided to jump on and join the band for Minor Threat (Minor Threat), Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones), and 1, 2 X U (Wire). You know how Moby likes to come out once every 5-10 years and remind people that he was a VEGAN in a HARDCORE BAND. Dan Cain and various other ne’er-do-wells are down there so stop in and cheer them on. There is free malt liquor, 7″s while they last and the band promises more suprise guests.

Moby & F-Ed Up

No That’s Not Greg Hetson

Eat Your Vegetables

F-Ed Up

F-Ed Up

F-Ed Up

The PR F-U. This is not Moby

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