Feature: Mathmatiks Zombie Jewelry Collection

Mathmatiks Zombie Jewelry Feature

A Riot Style exclusive scoop! Here is the feature we promised you on Mathmatiks’ Fall/Winter 2008 line of Zombie Jewelry. Influenced by the Zombie Films of George Romero and a survival-at-all-costs mentality, this collection comes shipped in a tiny wooden crate to house all your Zombie fighting gear. The entire collection is 24K Gold plate. Full pics after the jump.

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Mathmatiks – Fall 08 Preview – Zombie Collection

Mathmatiks - Fall Winter 08 - Zombie Collection

Here’s a quick preview of Mathmatiks Fall / Winter ’08 line of jewelry. The collection will feature a Zombie themed assortment of gas masks and other paraphernalia.

Mathmatiks Jewelry Collection, Fall ’08 Via: Mathmatiks

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L.A. Fakers x Mathmatiks

Meant to post these a week or two ago. Dave got ticketed by po-po trying to slang these things in Boston.

Los Angeles Fakers x Mathmatiks

Emerald green LA Fakers logo on white, Mathmatiks logo on back. Be on the lookout for a feature on our boys in the August issue of COMPLEX.

Los Angeles Fakers, Via: Mathmatiks


Type 6 Turntable Ring x Mathmatiks (Gold & Black Diamond)

This bad boy will set you back 20K. There’s a budget version (without the rocks) for all you fakers.

Mathmatiks Type 6 Turntable Ring

Via Mathmatiks

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