VCR Misfits Covers LP “We Are 821” Album Art and Track Listing!

VCR Misfits Covers LP - We Are 821

Riot Style is pleased to announce we’ll be teaming up with legendary Richmond, VA fun-core act VCR! VCR previously put out two records, VCR and Power/Destiny on Side One Dummy records. Unfortunately the band broke up in 2008 but they are back from the dead to party one last time with Riot Style!

This record will be the first of TWO special Halloween records from Riot Style

Click through for the track listing.

VCR – We Are 821 (Misfits Covers LP)

Track Listing:
Attitude / Last Caress
Die, Die My Darling
Horror Business
Some Kind Of Hate
Hybrid Moments
London Dungeon
Teenagers From Mars

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